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Trailer Servicing


Our experienced technicians will look at your trailer’s condition and inspect parts such as bearings, brakes and tyres for wear. Also looking at the structural integrity of the fasteners and fixings. The types of checks carried out will depend on the age of your trailer and the mileage since the last service.

Getting your trailer regularly serviced: 

  • Helps to prolong the life of your trailer.

  • Can identify areas that are in need of repair.

  • Reduces the likelihood of issues on the road.

We carry out all of our trailer servicing at our fully equipped workshop in Southampton by qualified mechanics.

You can either drop your trailer off or you can take advantage of our pick up and drop off service. 

Delivery and Set Up


We can offer trailer delivery throughout the UK via one of our stockist as well as offering a trailer set up service.  You can either bring your boat and trailer to us in Southampton or we can carry out on site set up at either your home, boat yard or marina.

For more information or to book in your trailer service or set up please contact us on 02380 632535 or by emailing

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