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Made in Britain

Proud To Be British

Extreme Trailers are designed, manufactured and built in Great Britain.


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Trailer Range

All Extreme Trailers are designed, manufactured and built in Great Britain to ensure the highest of quality. 

Our boat trailers are 'hot dipped' galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461 as standard, and use U-bolt construction allowing each boat trailer to be fully adjustable to suit most boat hulls. 

We only use high quality parts including AL-KO and Knott axles, Dutton Lainson winches and our own in house made Wobble Rollers.

We use waterproof sealed bearings throughout our trailer range. 

All Extreme Trailers come with a light board, winch* and certificate of conformity as standard.

We can also design and build custom made trailers, please go to the link below for more information.

Custom Trailers

Launcher 4


Light weight and easy to use, perfect for launch and recover by hand.

rib trailer


Ideal for your Dinghy. Our full trailer range can be configured  for any craft.

jet ski trailer


The perfect match for any Jet ski. Check out our most popular trailer the EXT750 Jet ski.

sib inflatable trailer


The best in it's class. Long carpeted bunks and transom pads for full boat and outboard support.

boat trailer


The ever popular roller range. For ease at the slip way with our superior roller swing arm design.

Fixed Keel Trailer


Now introducing the Fixed Keel range. Full keel support for all trailer sailors. 

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